Hello, you!

As lame as it is, I just want to exclaim:

“Welcome to my blog!”

And please enjoy… my later posts.

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It has been a month since I religiously taking milk kefir in my daily menu. Usually I mixed it up with l-glutamine and maca powder. However, since I found out that I might be allergic to casein, I tried to make coconut kefir, and hated it. So totally wrong.

So, I decided to make water kefir. I bought some kefir grains from a nearby private seller for $5 – 0.25 Cup. Afterwards, did some googling about how to make the easiest water kefir, and done.

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Coconut Kefir Ranch Salad Dressing

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!!!

Let’s see..

I’ve been tinkering with kefir for the last few weeks. Suddenly, my milk kefir is growing so happily, and since I have been making them quite diligently (turning them both to coconut kefir and water kefir as well), I realised I have stocked my fridge with ready to drink kefirs.  Continue reading