Sole (read: so-lay) basically is liquid made

out of heaps of organic salt mixed with room temperature water (I used filtered water). I bumped into this recipe when I was searching the

benefit of Himalayan Pink Salt (uh, because I just found a cheap bargain for a kilo of this product nearby).

I was excited to learn that there are significant differences between commercially produced salt and pure sea salt or lake salt. So after reading the benefits of sole water in this website, I decided to make some.

Most recipes used crystal salt — salt in the bulkier form, not efficient for my cooking of choice, while of course the bargain I got was for very fine pink himalayan salt. So I looked and looked, and hey, I found a youtube video where a doctor showed how to make sole using ground salt… Easy cheesy!

So here is the easiest recipe, (it’ll be perfect if you choose to make it during the evening):

What you need:

A clear glass / cup

A tall spoon (wooden/plastic)

A cover for the glass / cup


Filtered water (room temperature) – do not use hot water for this, it will cook the salt

Organic salt (I use pink himalayan salt)

How to:

1. Add 5 – 10 Tbsp of fine salt to the glass (modify the recipe if you use crystal salt)

2. Add filtered water

3. Stir thoroughly with the tall spoon (remember, wooden or plastic only — it was said that metal objects might catch rust from the sole, I’m not so sure because I never tried it)

4. Cover and put it somewhere that doesn’t get direct sunlight

5. Let it sit for overnight

6. There will be left-over salt sitting at the bottom of the glass, and the water will be filled with bubbles. It’s okay. That shows the sole water is functioning.

7. Scoop 1-3 Tbsp and mix it with your water after you woke up in the morning. If possible, make it the first thing that enters the mouth after brushing your teeth.

If you have a digestive problem, this drink will benefit you with fast bowel movement.





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