Hello there!

Last night I had just returned from one of my adventurous bouts, well,

not so interesting though, because I only travelled in a campervan by myself, visiting a place in the Southern hemisphere of my state, staying there for 2 nights, and taking pictures of the places that meant something special for me.

Oh right, on the way home the rented van I used had a broken muffler which caused me to strand for a while in a pretty little town full of delish fruits, meeting a couple of very fine individuals, some were downright a real-life portrayal of a man from my dream (real sleep-dream, not fantasy dream!)–with his very very long beard, and finally being picked up by my golden hearted husband.

Anyways, here are a few snaps I love to share with you. Click to enlarge,



delicious rolls wild sea mandalay mandalay ship steering wheel mandalay sea mandalay sea from the walk greenspool tree tops reaching the sky tree bark upclose field of delish rolls crow and rolls coalmine inlet house by the railway railway donnybrook the old house donnybrook


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