Bizarrely Hilarious

These last few days I felt like a heavy rock drowning in a fast current river.

I knew where I was heading, if I didn’t stop struggling. Then I decided: Nope, no use for fighting the feeling. Instead, I’ll embrace it.

So here I am, laying down on the sofa, it’s gonna be my 4th night sleeping outside. Ever since I stepped out from this house last Saturday, I haven’t slept in the room yet.

I fell in love with “out side”.

The out of the in. 

Pardon my English.

So, after having a hot bath in the not too cold end of spring, I definitely could hear the bam-bam of my heart pulse. Or blood pulse. Then I showered with cold water. Not as cold as I wished, tho.

I grabbed the laptop and started browsing, bumped into a FB group that belongs to some people of my country, the content though, was about unity, peace, and wealth of my country. And then, it posted a picture inspired by a boy that claimed he came from the future.

The comments that followed made me laugh. But hey, I was intrigued. However bizarrely the story was, something inside me is quite open to know more.

It was no more bizarre than the visions I had in early January 2013.

Some of the ideas he threw in his Twitter account (come again, why Twitter? Why drawing the unnecessary sensations? My fraud-o-metre is alerting me RED.) were non-authentic. Such as:

– the idea of age duplication between wormholes (old story recycled, boring!)

– the idea that the universe is a highly advanced computer… er?

– the idea that the capital city will be moved to another island.

– the giving out video about indigo people who couldn’t even articulate themselves (but then again most ordinary people couldn’t articulate themselves).

But hey, I happened to bumped into an old guy who weirdly made a Twitter account. A Jap but then he wrote in English sentences, (note: both Twitter accounts were made within a few days distance), and he replied the boy’s nonsensical tweets. Oh boy, aren’t they from the similar mind?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (just following through and understand the circumstances though I couldn’t prove it yet).

But hey, as long as they give GOOD hope… and they are quite entertaining if not down right hilarious.

So eh, I’m off browsing the bizarre updates from my country again.

FYI: this has been the most positive attempt I made in reconnecting with other people from my country.




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