This morning, I decided to bike along with hub to his new office.

It was a very bright morning, nice and sunny, and hub already prepared the bikes in good condition, so after putting on the biking pants, gloves, helmet, and sunscreen, we rode away crossing a few suburbs.

The journey took around 1 hour, possibly because we were taking our time very ceremoniously. It has been more than a year since the last time we actually ride the bikes, so I was feeling quite proud about our persistence to finally get up from the couch and move our bum.

Along the way, I could feel my body getting giddier and giddier. So I noted one more fact, it loves biking. Or maybe it loves outdoor exercises? Oh well.

But on the other hand, hub was as miserable as a drown cat forced to swim. His breath was shallow, his bum and legs were in pain, and his sweating was excessive. But he remains ploughing the bike along. What a proud wife I was.

We got home within an hour later, the journey to go back as usual, was easier and faster. However, we noted a difference between cycling on the bike path and on the normal road — the normal road is a lighter terrain than the bike path. Why is that??? Our body could feel the difference from its impact, when we were riding on the normal road, it felt easier to manoeuvre, the wheels didn’t feel as heavy or sticky as during our cycling on the bike path. Probably the wear and tear of a normal road caused the wheels to stay firm, thus no feeling heavy, thus the lighter illusion.

And I thought during our journey home, the best meal I would like for brunch would be something as fresh and healthy as a cluster of veggies and fruits mixed in a cold water. So I opted to make a smoothie.

Ergo my pink smoothie recipe ~

P1110691 copy

What you need:

A smoothie maker (I used Vitamix)

Veggie knife

Cutting board



3-4 leaf Cabbage

1 small Beetroot (peeled)

1 Granny Smith

2 frozen bananas

5 pitted dates

2cm ginger (peeled)

1 tsp linseed

1 tsp chia seed

1 tsp maca powder

0.5 tsp fenugreek seed

1 tsp hemp seed oil

1 cup filtered water

P1110688 copy

How to:

1. Cut the fruits and veggies in a few parts

2. Put all ingredients in the blender and crush them until smooth.

P1110689 copy

3. If you need to add more sweetness, you can add more dates or bananas

P1110693 copy




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