Yesterday I was having a sudden vision to eat something delicious yet healthy,

which made me run to my favourite grocery store and bought a few free-range chickens and sweet potatoes and turned to this fail-proof recipe. Actually this recipe I just tinkered yesterday and since I was very satisfied with the taste, I decided to share it here.

And this is the first time I tried using gold sweet potatoes for my recipes, they tasted way better than the orange sweet potatoes. At least my taste bud prefers them all over.

You will need:

Oven (or any griller available to you)

Oven rack

Oven Tray

Baking sheets



Cutting board

Medium sized bowl


1 whole chicken

1 big orange sweet potato

3 small gold sweet potato

2 potato

2 tsp curry powder

0.5 cup celery salt (or any other salt you prefer)

Mixed garlic granule+rosemary+salt (or other mixed herb concoction)

Coconut oil (or ghee)

How to:

1. Heat the oven to 350 F or 176 C

2. Put the chicken in a medium sized bowl, then rub celery salt all over the chicken. Don’t miss a spot.

3. Rub curry powder all over it thoroughly until all skin covered.

4. Now peel all the potatoes and sweet potatoes. Cut them into big chunks.

5. Prepare the oven tray by covering it with baking sheets.

6. Pour the chopped potatoes and sweet potatoes on the tray. Cover them with coconut oil (or any other fat). Then sprinkle the mixed garlic granule+rosemary+salt evenly.

7. Put the tray inside the oven, on the lowest tier.

8. Put the chicken on the oven rack above the potatoes an sweet potatoes for 50 minutes (After 30 minutes you might want to rotate the position of the veggies and chicken). Let the juicy fat drizzle on to the starchy veggies below.

9. Turn off the oven. Prepare a big plate and put all the potatoes and sweet potatoes evenly, then put the big fat chicken above them.




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