When I decided to make this blog,

I promised myself that I will only put posts that would be entertaining and informative for my readers. For you. 

But there were times, when I feel at wits’ end, and I just wished to rant my emotions off in medium like this, or trolling in other people’s articles. That, fortunately, I have always managed to contain. And gradually, my method to release my emotional blockage is by writing in various means like a notebook (with pen or pencil), Microsoft Word, or in my other WordPress blog and published it privately.

In the end, those writing processes helped to soothe my emotion drastically. And when I feel my mood starting to get balanced nicely, or maybe tilting more towards the positive side, I decided to write again, and this time, I might post it publicly.

The past few days, I did not practice my clean eating. I ate pizzas from an international famous franchised pizza store that were having big discounts, drank beer almost every night (hey it’s summer), and reading my Martha Beck book while browsing social media for interesting articles.

In short, I really didn’t do anything flattering to even myself. In just a few days, I feel murderous. At least I feel I want to murder myself right here, right now.

Then yesterday, I read the news about a Brisbane woman who catalyse the compassionate act of Australian people in twitter. Many Australian put the #illridewithyou in their status. In just a day, I witnessed how a terrorist act, something awfully fearful and thus earned the title of “extreme negative act”, could be a trigger to one nation compassionate heartfelt act, something really positive and most of the time feels like a touch of miracle.

Just by reading those news, still feeling dead murderous in the mind, I feel something stirring in my left chest. Something is at ease. My body suddenly chose to relax itself.

Now I must applaud how simply reading something that is so positive, could influence you to emotionally feel good inside.

And that, my friend, is something worth to share about.

If you feel so low and negative about anything, remember that one thing that could create an at ease sensation. That one thing shouldn’t cost you a thing. And when you feel an expanse feeling in your chest, or in your stomach, or in your head, that might just be it.

Your at ease solution.



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