True magic is when we succeed in making others remember that we all have that ability to perform miracles just like the chosen ones (yes, those saints, prophets, and other holy shamanic ones).

I don’t know what is happening to me. But two nights ago, I had a momentum.

I found out something new about myself that proves some part of my belief all the last few years was untrue.

It was the part where I forcefully dissect between parts of my body that show signs of truth and signs of lies.

I thought, left parts of my body came only from my essential self, ruled by the right side of the brain. Which sort of represent my version of the “ultimate truth” — so I used to trust every single thing that came from that part. Starting from simple body vibrations, difference in temperature, pulses, kissing winds, to sudden heat and chill that I feel in drastic environments.

And of course, the opposite; my right parts of body, I assumed they came from the analytical mind that represent itself in the form of my social self. Or influenced self. Which probably holds my ego — closely connected to “The Mind”. Which then I condemned as the incorrect voices from within, thus full of lies.

(Basically I had a hateful-relationship with my ego, because since I was just a teensy-weensy little thing, all people — yes, not only my huge family, even the maids in the house — in my close proximity had been calling me a selfish little girl because I was abusing the smaller kids, thus in my growing-up life I tried my best to compress that egotistical part of me by condemning it to bitses of dusts.)

It shouldn’t be as complicated as this, I know, but I was too accustomed by this habit of categorising, different one sensation to another, and it was held tightly by a deep fear of failure that made my interpretation of my senses doesn’t even make sense to myself.

And then, something along the way came to happen.

So when last night I did the exercise of 7 league boots by Martha Beck, I was humbly stunned by the revelation that apparently came from my soul guide: it was my own deep personal fears.

Those things that I avoided due to preventing myself to face my fears, apparently (lo-and-behold) supposed to be my truest and easiest (or maybe fastest) path in reaching my purpose of life. But then again, no reports to be made to compare the results between the one I take now and the ones I passed in the past, so destiny wins. So “they” said.

What astounds me most was the fact that my fear was closely related to my desires. Or to be more accurate, my freedom of expression.

In this I would like to give an example.

Voices from within:

  1. You can do it
  2. You can do this, this, and this.
  3. Wait, really? Can you do that? Isn’t that like, dangerous?

Now, number one came from my left side. Obviously. As usual, the words would be simple, sounds true, and came only once in a while.

Number 2 is from my right side, and so is number 3.

Which made me think number 2 and number 3 came from the same voice.

That apparently is quite true.

But after last night, I started to experiment with the voices, and realized the difference between voice number 2 and voice number 3.

It all boils down to the residue that were left in my body after those words were said, despite soundlessly.

Number 1 and 2 made my body feels excited, vigorous, and enthusiastic. But number 3 not so much.

That made me realised, apparently, the sound from number 2 and number 3 was created with the same voice but different sources.

My soul guide.

And.. number 3 is from..

My mind.

And as usual, the mind, inflicted by the fear that was kept as a natural alarm navigation system, screams worries, despair, dread, and all that. All. The. Time.

But! Now I know, I am relieved.

No wonder I have been having difficulties in progressing many parts in my life. I have been having difficulties in believing even my own self, how can I start believing in any choice I should do for my own future?

Jot down the culprit, then you will found the source of the problem, (I learned this from that Martha woman), which is the next step to finding the solution, and it could be easier than ever.

One thing to note is ever so certain at this point: our willingness to do something about any part of our life, that is the start of the chain of events to assure that change really happens.

As Mahatma Gandhi’s said oh-so-famously:

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”


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