Hello you! Yes you, the beaut who curiously still reading my words right this sec.

May this year be THE year that fills you with wondrous, adventurous, marvellous journey that you have been anticipating for, and that’s just the start for future expandeous experiences that you have listed within your soul. Oh yeah, you will find them out one by one, though actually you have known them all by heart, but they are still waiting to be confirmed in your lifetime. So, yeah, I wish you a heartfelt opening journey. Go and enjoy your amazing moments. They’re all yours.

So this year hub and I opened it with blastful fireworks in the biggest city in Australia. We went traveling along the coast and visited various lovely and quirky places that caressed our hearts with different colours each time we left.

What really happened during that time was the common ground that we find among each other. Apparently, we can punch each other in the chest and let the heart being broken more than once by the same person. What we do is pick it up, try to rebuild it piece by piece, and hey, it sticks stronger each time it was sorted.

You know, I really learned that time genuinely heals my hurt feelings. Nah, I didn’t change hub or he changed me, but what happened was time changed each of us in our own perspective, and made us capable of opening our ability to accept each other’s flaws or imperfections gently, which we never dared to think that we were able to do — previously.

So, it’s 2015. Every single person I met said the same ringing hunch that is echoing my own belief: “This year will be an amazing year, it definitely will bring me to unexpected journeys that has been waiting for me. And of course, your journey is waiting for you as well!”

Much love!



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