This Monday marked my start on Whole30 Paleo. The slow revenge after eating a whole month of glutenised, non-clean, junk and processed foods.

Before I started, I have been experiencing imbalances symptoms: severe lightheadedness, foggy vision, fatigue, über-sluggishness, and several pounds over weight. 

Just today (Wednesday in this state), my vision started to clear, my mind delved into clarity, my mood was totally calmer, and my weight dipped a few grams. (Pheww!)

Since I was in my lowest energy level, I chose relaxing exercises like yoga and cycling. And the weather helps a lot too… in making me sweat profusely. Yesterday, the temperature rose high enough above 40 degree Celsius. Not bad. Combined with severe thunderstorm and heavy rain, I must say it was the most peculiar summer I had ever experienced down under.

Apart from the current weather performance here, like I used to experience whenever I started to practice clean eating, there will come the time when I will be able to sit in silence and suddenly an idea of a delicious cuisine nudging on my peripheral vision.

This time, besides idea like that, having joined several extremists group of clean eaters, reading several books about the benefits of clean eating, and about our digestive system, I realised I wish to learn more about health (more than ever).  Whether it will be exclusively about nutritional healing or functional medicine. Both have the same capacity of healing from within.

And besides learning about food as medicine, training the body with physical activities, I am also inclined to research deeper about spiritual practices in various cultures that claimed to be healing not only the soul, but also the physical body.

For instance: fasting.

(Most athletes and athletic people that had been practicing Intermittent Fasting reaped the benefits of doing so. Apparently, the religious people who practiced fasting — exclude of the physical activities — are also reaping similar benefits.)

Despite the many suggestive beneficial results of fasting on the net (Google “fasting and gut”), I will only give examples based on what I experienced (when I was also doing Paleo):

1. Loss of weight

2. Clarity (of mind and vision)

3. Stable mood

4. Muscle gain

5. Early and deep sleeping

6. High energy during the day

7. Sense of everything in balance

So far those are what I could recall during the experiment. The benefits were real, and what made me believe in the healing power of healthy eating was proven in my own body.

You may call it passion, for me it’s common sense.



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