Liberty’s February

So my current journey brought me back here to

share some news I have been keeping to myself lately. Early February I enrolled for a course in Naturopathy. Learning firsthand about the medicinal properties of nature and applied it for the benefits of our body seems like a dream comes true for me. So the past few weeks was me struggling to refresh my memories of Anatomy and Physiology that I have learned back in school, and at the same time made my past memories bubbled up to remind me how I quite despised the tiny weeny detailed bits of human parts and latin terms for anything biologically related.

But well, I shall persevere and swallow the materials up. (AMEN!)

In another level, my diet of eating clean has been working beautifully for more than three weeks! Only at 14th of Feb I did cheat because (huge excuse) I wanted to eat a bowl of unagi don. Plus we were eating out at the time, and the options of healthy foods were not visibly available, thus the — you know, oh well..

But afterwards, instead of going through with Whole30 Paleo, I decided to combine it with Clean Gut Protocol created by Alejandro Junger. I have been doing so for a week time now and the difference I felt is surprisingly as candid as when I did the Whole30 Paleo for the first time. The main difference is I really don’t touch any form of fructose this time except from berries. And that apparently is quite a blow for me, because I often found myself craving for something sweet and then I realised how much I missed eating honey, dates, apples, bananas and pears.

What I agree most with Dr. Junger’s approach is his philosophy of having a relationship with food, instead of being a die-hard certain diet fanatic.

This diet is combined with low impact exercise I practiced from Body by You by Mark Lauren, qigong/taichi (yes, we just joined taichi class this month!), and ashtanga yoga. What I did realise was that my arms and legs were still muscular, but my stomach was not as muscular as when I did the cardio workout. Boohoo!

Since I am still experimenting with the diet, I don’t feel confident yet to share my new recipes in this blog. But I definitely got huge help from the classic zucchettini and bolognese sauce, cauli-fried-rice recipes, british indian curries, minced game meat, free range chickens, grass-fed beef, paleo veggie sushi with coconut aminos. Also, just found a delicious combination of rooibos chai tea with coconut milk and a bit of stevia (yes, I’m using this sweetener because it is touted safe by prominent paleo advisors like Mark Sisson).

So, in the morning, after I drank my smoothie (usually a cup of berries, combined with coconut milk and several superfoods), I continued with drinking my supplements (yes, I have a lot of supplements intake going on here). Then I go back to studying until lunch hour. Where I usually whip a quick lunch like very plain lettuce salad plus avocado slices and a certain source of protein and fat.

After an hour or more I continued with physical exercise and finished it with a shower. Then I return back to studying until usually late afternoon to start preparing for dinner.

We have dinner around 6-7pm. Or I tried to have it around that hours. Simply because I feel better sleeping with a flat stomach instead a stuffed one.

Now when I checked this normal schedule, I do believe that I spent too much time at home, but hey, I feel good anyway.

And yes, I am a firm believer of feeling authentically good.

Hope you a good time reading this post.



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