Been a month since the last time I posted something.

My Clean Gut protocol ended a few weeks ago, it was a big win for me. I never realised that it would feel so darn difficult to really stick to a detox diet and doing it alone while watching my husband eating his normal food gleefully.

Somehow, I finished it in 21 days, and introduced gluten in the 22nd day, and had a fit of sinus attack. So, I declined continuing with gluten testing, having the result so readily snatch my breath away.

Continuing the clean gut diet and introducing dairy in 24th day, I found that I could tolerate dairy quite alright, my skin felt a bit dry, reddish, and prickly though, and my eye lids looked a bit swollen, but other than that, my body feels fine.

Bottom line: no gluten, occasional dairy is fine.

Which is why I dared myself to make my own ghee yesterday — because dairy is not a toxic trigger.

And somehow, instead of turning my ghee to this:

I got mine to this:

P1110857 copy

But happily, the finishing product is just like an ordinary compact ghee… although a bit more compact than the ghee I bought in local markets.

The step-by-step process on the sourcing blog I followed was very clear and thorough, but maybe because I used a commercial butter, I don’t think it was organic, and also the first batch was a bit burnt, the result was not as good as I expected.

But well, here goes my step-by-step ghee making:

P1110853 copy

1. Prepare the butter, jar, bowl, and strainer (I used an old clean stocking)

2. Put the butter blocks in the hot pan (low-medium heat)

3. Let it melt thoroughly (5-10 minutes), and then lower the heat:

P1110860 copy

4. Let it bubble up, skim the top with a mesh strainer, put it in a small metal bowl:

P1110854 copy

5. Let it bubble for the second time (10++ minutes):

P1110861 copy

6. When you see the bitses of butter inside starting to brown, it’s done. Let it cool:

P1110855 copy

7. Prepare a metal strainer and cover it with the old stocking (or cheesecloth — more proper) over a medium sized metal bowl:

P1110862 copy

8. Strain the ghee, and transfer it to the jar:

P1110863 copy





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