SCD Lifestyle

Guess what! My curious journey has brought me to try SCD lifestyle, it has been 6 days already and I kinda ..meh… like it.

Ever since studying nutrition early this year, experimenting to myself variations in diets, I ended up with weight gain, low immune system, and annoying candida dysbiosis.

So, I mustered enough will and started the regime, the path was already there, I’m just trotting along with whomever had passed it by with detailed guidance that made me feel so grateful.

And it’s summer holiday anyway, down here. I can limit my carbs and fats intake and lose weight easily just because the weather keeps me busy.

So, for a week I have been limiting my intake of:

  • dairy (only milk kefir),
  • caffeine (only green tea),
  • sweeteners (only stevia),
  • starch vegetables (only carrot soup),
  • onions (including garlic),
  • chilli / tomatoes
  • salt

And yeah, it wasn’t fun. The first 3 days I got severe brain fog and other unpleasant symptoms like insomnia, urge to pee all the time, white coated tongue, bad BM, muscle spasms, hot flashes, tinnitus, drowsiness, fatigue, crappy mood, aching joints, gastro reflux, and IBS symptoms…

It made me felt soooooo oooooooooooold.

After the 4th day, it gets better. My appetite starting to return, previously I could eat only a few hundred calories per day and felt full.

It’s like my body was kicking for proteins, so I ate lots of canned sardines, free-range eggs, and bought myself tahini and milk to create some salad dressings.

So far I have lost 5 pounds. Not too bad.

What I ate:

  1. Carbs: cauliflower, cauli-greens, cabbage, arugula, mushroom, carrot soup, sauerkraut
  2. Proteins: sardines, eggs, kefir
  3. Fats: coconut oil, olive oil
  4. Condiments: tamari, fish oil, miso
  5. Drinks: herbal tea, green tea, maca powder, l-glutamine, lemon water, and ACV water

I’m planning to reintroduce one by one my old fave foods after week 3. Gotta make this process gentle and slow. But if I’m impatient, I might accelerate it to next week.

Frankly, what is worst for me is the lack of energy. I also see my muscle masses were decreasing. Very displeasing when you know, to gain those muscles, the effort you went through was well worth it, but now they’re disappearing with your appetite. Hopefully with the return of my hunger the protein I eat will return back to where it’s needed most.

We’ll see how it goes.


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