A Ramble from Lib

So I have been avoiding casein, a protein in dairy products (usually cow milks) that could present problem for my health, and due to my cravings in drinking milk kefir, I started to change it with coconut kefir.

And boy, does it taste quite wrong at the beginning! But, somewhat the potent is still kicking, so I’m starting to train my taste to tame a bit.

This month is the first official time we’re TTC-ing and both me and hub are quite enjoying the process. Somewhat in the eve of our 5th anniversary, with the drop in sexual desires and consistency, this sort of activity is a breeze of fresh air.

It has been almost a month since I started the SCD (Specific Carbs Diet), I have not touched any fruit besides lemons, planning to start the daily grapefruit consumption, and also incorporating the sweet vegetables like carrot and beet root.

I did have a cheat day, like eating starchy carbs a few days ago, then Lindt chocolates leftover from the Christmas gift, and Pho’ soups with no organic beef broth.

Uh yeah, I have also tried to avoid red meat, chicken, and pork consumption. Anything with chemicals that could jeopardise my natural hormones is a big NO NO.

Besides cleaning the diet, I also add weight lifting regime and yoga routine in my schedule. (Previously I was happy ONLY doing the cardio dance, but something gotta improve.)

So yesterday we bought an Olympic Barbell 20kg and a bench press, thank god for secondhand items, we got both for quite a cheapy. Then I also found a pair of free dumb bells with weights up to 19kg and gym mats around 3×2 sqm for the squat rack area. And planning to DIY the squat rack with a plan I found on Google.

So far it has been an interesting healthy start for this year.

Current weight is 54.5 kg. Target is 51 kg.

Let’s see how long it will take…



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