It has been a month since I religiously taking milk kefir in my daily menu. Usually I mixed it up with l-glutamine and maca powder. However, since I found out that I might be allergic to casein, I tried to make coconut kefir, and hated it. So totally wrong.

So, I decided to make water kefir. I bought some kefir grains from a nearby private seller for $5 – 0.25 Cup. Afterwards, did some googling about how to make the easiest water kefir, and done.

My water kefir grains have been producing beautiful tasted kefir ever since. However, I am still craving me some milk kefir, mostly because it is the only way I can get some l-glutamine and maca in my system.

Thus I made some researching effort and found out that using non-homogenised milk is better, organic is definitely more superior, and letting the milk kefir grains to break down casein is possible.

Armed with such information, I decided to start the milk kefir production and this time with a longer fermentation time.

So far I feel as good as possible.

Me love some delicious kefir! Yumm.


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