Martha Beck

I am so..oo excited to promote this fine woman as my current fave author.

It started out by a mere googling during a bored day in early April, seeking inspiring stories, bumped into Oprah website and attracted to an article titled: “Finding Your Purpose.”

So it was written by Martha Beck.

Huh. A woman who has 3 Harvard degrees, a defo brainiac — yet her approach in writing articles is very gentle, warm, and relatable (aka people oriented).

So I was hooked. But it took me a few months before I finally hoarded most of her best-sellers. Right now I’m in the middle of reading “Finding Your Own North Star”,

however, I would recommend anyone who wants to get a wave into her writing to read her articles on Oprah website first.. And if you’re one for books, “Expecting Adam” is a must-read before this one I’m currently reading, then “Steering by Starlight”, and maybe if you’re totally addicted to her words, go read her other books!

So far, these books are the guides for my emotional healing. They are preciously good. Easy to read and navigate, not so much different from your “wikihow” tips but specialised in reasonable tricks to reach our destinies.

A defo gem.



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